Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shad Week 2012


A 2nd grade group meets with the Living Classrooms lead as well as a representative from GenOn, the funder for our amazing program. He was brought here to see the great work your students are doing as an exemplary Shad program school.

The Science Lab... I mean Maury Front Lobby :)


Something fishy is going on here at Maury!  This morning the Shad started hatching ! It is quite  quite amazing about  what looks like a clear bubble start wiggling and pop out a small, white "fish". ( I'll call it a fish but really it looks like a 3mm worm).  

This week has been truly amazing. I never knew we had so many budding scientists. Your children embraced the tough side of science this week by really looking at the life cycle of the Shad and understanding, or trying to, why we started with so many live eggs but are ending with only a few.  If you have not stopped in, please do so tomorrow as this will be our last day with our fish friends. On Friday, May 4th at 9:30am, the 1st Graders will pack up our Shad fry and head for Bladensburg Waterfront Park in Bladensburg, MD to release them. 

Until then, the best way to understand the many exciting parts of this week is to see the pictures and watch the videos below. I can't promise stellar videography, but it sure has been fun watching your children learn and grow-- and watching it back on video is so cool too.

Well done students and parents! So far, we still have some live ones ;).

::raises a glass of apple juice to Maury and cheers::

-Mrs. Fishy Ford

Enjoy the pics!

Students in Ms. Kelly's class work to sort eggs and measure the volume of dead eggs.

Testing the water quality. Too much Ammonia or Nitrate, or a pH that is lower than 7.2 is NOT good!
Uh oh!!! The ammonia level is getting too high! We had to add Ammo Lock three times since yesterday. Too much and all of our live eggs won't survive. 

Looking closely at the eggs.

"Do you see any clear ones?"

2nd Graders use teamwork to sort their eggs.

Also mesmerized!

1st Graders tallying the number of dead eggs in 10mL.
Still counting....

Stopping by after school to investigate.
We have many more videos and will add them soon, as well as pictures from the second part of our week and the release!

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