Saturday, August 31, 2013

Welcome to the NEW Think Tank!

One view from the door of our new space.
For those of you who have not yet ventured out to the new portable classrooms ( or follow our learning from afar) I wanted to give a virtual tour of the NEW Think Tank! This space will be one where ideas are developed, problems are solved and learning and student engagement seeps from every crevice. ( Can you tell I'm excited?)
Our Think Tank Lending Library of games will open by October 2013! I'm in the process of bar coding all for a smoother check-in/check-out process. This partnership with Labyrinth Puzzles and Games is the best!

So welcome.... and stay tuned for an update in the coming week about what our first units will be! If Maury's Think Tank program is new to you, I encourage you to scroll through past posts, or read some of the "Think Tank at Home" links to the right. As always, never hesitate to send me questions at or through Twitter @maurythinktank. Don't forget to sign up with your email in the space provided so you get instant updates when I write new posts!

Rug and whiteboard space. Don't be surprised if you see groups of students working on the floor building structures soon! Do you see that small section of shelves on the left of the rug? This is an entire area for teachers. Science units, materials and lessons are organized by content area and available to all teachers to check out and use with your student!

Positive Paws! This system is used by all of our special subject teachers and this year we each have the same categories. We also have Habits of Mind in each so students are constantly practicing these great thinking skills!


A Smart Board! A Smart Board! After 12 years teaching in DC, I get my own awesome piece of technology! To the right students find materials for building, engineering and design as well as inventing!

Bring on the investigation station! The first time we will use these this year is to examine our Monarch butterflies for parasites!

Legos! Lego Simple Machines are coming back to Maury later in the year, as well as a number of different challenges using one of the students' favorite materials. 
Meet our Smart Friends! These friends help explain to our youngest thinkers all of the ways they are
What are your be "Smarts"? Ask your children too!

Not pictured are the many engineering units I have prepared for your child this year, student work that will soon fill all of the walls and your smiling children! Many pictures of those are to come!

Happy Thinking!