Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Goodbye, so long, farewell our friends...

On Friday, May 4th, it was time to say goodbye to our Shad fry. Ten students from Mrs. Dorsey's class who had not had their chance with our fish during the week,were each given one special fry to transport to the river. They took this job very seriously, as you can see!            


In addition to these cups, we had to bring ALL of the other water in the tank to ensure than all fry made it back into the river. Students suggested I take special care with the jugs, so we strapped one into a car seat!
  Once at the river it was time to learn about what were going to do...
                                   walk over a small bridge...
                                    over a hilly meadow...
 and to a lightly flowing part of the river to say goodbye to our fry.

We sang to our fish, filled our cups, cheered our success and set our fry free.


 Thank you to all of the volunteers, chaperones and students for your amazing engagement in this process. A special thank you to Living Classrooms and the Anacostia Watershed Society for getting us the amazing program!

And... WJLA 8 caught the whole special event. If oyu haven't seen it, check out Maury on the news here!

And now a special invitation.... please join Maury for its First Annual Science and Think Tank Expo!
Until next time!

-Mrs. Ford

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