Monday, December 10, 2012



If you've walked down the first floor hallway recently, you may have noticed that it is lined with surveys, data sheets, graphs and books--- all evidence of student work surrounding their "Smarts". Multiple Intelligences, or "Smarts" have been the school-wide Think Tank focus for the past few weeks. All students in grades K-5 have completed an age- appropriate "Smarts Survey" to help them accurately analyze their strengths. One way to create an inclusive school, where all children can excel is to understand their different strengths-- and ensure that they are recognized. This unit has done just that!

I encourage families to take a survey to do at home from the folders outside my office or complete this online version. There are three versions, each with deepening levels of analysis. Take a look! Are you surprised by any of the findings? Do you agree with what your child has determined as their best intelligence? Do you see ways to strengthen those areas where your child feels weakest?

Preschool and PreK students created " Our Book of Smarts" as a class. After singing songs about our smarts students drew a picture of themselves using one of their smarts. Their pictures are compiled into class books on display in the main hallway.

Kindergarten students took a survey and then voted on any smart they felt they had. What do you notice about the results? They too are making "Our Book of Smarts", however theirs are not yet completed. Stay tuned!

1st Grade students were given 16 cards each labeled with a career. These included everything from musician to arborist, teacher to doctor. As a group, they had to decide which smart individuals in that career would need most to be successful. They then had to defend their choices to the class. Their choices were fascinating. Stop by and see what you think!
                                                                   2nd Grade
2nd grade students completed smarts surveys and then completed "My Smart Color Maps." These maps use colors to give a visual representation of their smarts ranked in groups of two. Surveys and maps are displayed.


                                                                    3rd GRADE
3rd Grade students completed a complex Multiple Intelligence survey. They then graphed their findings. The contrasting color signifies the students' strongest smart. If there was a tie, students had to ask themselves a series of additional questions to determine which smart was strongest. Look at how wonderfully unique our students are!


 4th Grade
Step one of the 4th grade surveys are displayed in the main hall. These detailed surveys show the variety of strengths the class possesses. Stay tuned this week for graphs that represent student strengths. Graphing skills are aligned to the 4th grade math Common Core standards for mathematics too!

5th Grade
Where is 5th Grade's data?? Well, 5th grade is taking an adult version of a Multiple Intelligence survey! Because of this, it has taken us more than one class period. Their final data will be displayed by the end of the week.

School-Wide Data
Take a look at the class by class "Best Smarts" breakdown! It is really neat to see the ways that classes differ in their makeup. What do YOU notice?

Isn't it amazing how SMART our students are?