Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Maury Monarch Madness

The fall of 2012 send-off celebration!

In less than one week, about 70 newborns will be delivered to Maury ready to be nurtured by our students. For our third year, we will observe, explore, investigate and create projects surrounding the amazing Monarch butterfly.  As we prepare to welcome these amazing creatures into our community, I want to try to more directly connect our school-wide study with things you can do at home together with your children.

Become a Citizen Scientist!
Join thousands of other everyday citizens and report your Monarch sitings! Report your sitings HERE !

Take a family trip to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum's Monarch Exhibit and IMAX!
 Haven't been to this museum's  Live Monarch Exhibit and/or go watch the amazing IMAX film about their incredible journey. Get more information HERE !

Search our neighborhood milkweed for eggs and larvae!
 Take a walk and spend some time on a search for the super-tiny Monarch eggs, evidence of the very hungry caterpillars (larvae) or a beautiful chrysalis. Eggs are barely visible and are often found on the underside of milkweed leaves. It takes patience to find one but well worth it when you do!
Look closely! The eating pattern should help you find them!

Find some leaves? Bring them in so that your child's classmates can investigate the larvae eating patterns more closely.

Not sure what milkweed looks like? Check out our front garden... and all over the city! You can find a visual guide HERE or look for the very common kind that is blooming all over our city right now! Please always wash your hands after you touch milkweed!

Swamp Milkweed has been a favorite of our larvae in the past!

Follow the Monarch migration from home HERE while learning all about their amazing migration! You will be inspired... I promise! Check out their journey HERE.

I hope you are ready to watch the amazing metamorphosis and pictures from our own Maury Monarchs next week.

Happy thinking!
-Mrs. Ford

Tagged and ready to fly South.... or not?

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