Thursday, May 29, 2014


As we near the end of the year, I wanted to find a way to connect and inspire learning for our youngest students into next school year. 


The best way I thought to do this was through a  sllloooowwwwlllllyyyy developing project that could have BIG impact on developing environmentalists! COMPOSTING!
Composters are on display in the front lobby. Stop by and make your own observations!

Students picked one recently living item ( a fruit ), one item made from something living ( paper ) and one non-living item ( glue stick, ping-pong ball, plastic bag respectively) and placed them in see-through composter.  They then predicted which object would decompose first/ fastest.

Mrs. Wright-Spurlock's PK Class Votes
                                    Ms. Timmons' PS/PK Class Votes                                                
Mrs. Mitchell's PK Class Votes
Students will record their observations each of the next three weeks and I will take pictures of each container over the summer. In September 2014, the new Kindergarten class will be able to take out the contents of each section and explore if and how the objects decomposed. The connections of this mini-unit are endless as students begin understanding how humans can positively (and negatively) impact the environment with their actions.

Until next time,
Mrs. Ford