Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Shad are coming.... IN A WEEK!

It doesn't take a piece of string to see that today would not be the best, or safest day for boats on our rivers. Due to weather conditions, our trustworthy Captain Jim, was unable to go out and collect our eggs today. For this reason, we will be receiving our new additions to the Maury family on APRIL 30th!

What does this mean?

1) Maury students will have a whole other week to learn about this amazing fish before it comes in its fragile state to our building.

2) The Be Water Wise team will have time to hone their water quality testing skills.

3)  The 1st grade field trip to Bladensburg Waterfront Park to release our Shad fry will take place on May 4th instead.

A new schedule of events for Shad week will go home in Tuesday folders.

Until next time,
Mrs. Ford

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