Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Architecture in Schools- Focus on 4th Grade!

Front lobby display of student work
                                 4th GRADE: Architecture in  Schools Program

We have been very lucky to partner with the Washington Architectural Foundation for a two month course with our 4th grade students.Mike Binder and Christina Hayunga are incredible architects who have volunteered their time to make this program possible. They are not only knowledgeable but INCREDIBLY engaging! In addition, Mr. Rogers has joined us to add his expertise regarding acoustics to the mix!

Architecture in the Schools brings students through an architectural journey culminating in a completed physical model they designed. This group is working to design the amphitheater/stage portion of Maury's Schoolyard Improvements Master Plan

Schoolyard Design Plan currently being developed by Maury School Improvements Committee

Site is 50' by 50'
Our 4th Grade students have learned about architectural structures and explored them using their bodies.


They studied ancient Greek and Roman amphitheater design and used what they learned to build their physical models. They have been taking into account the sun's position during various parts of the day and different seasons.  


They are working to address issues surrounding accessibility, lighting, seating and safety. They even are looking into different materials they could use to complete this project.




As you can see, the 4th grade is doing some amazing work! Keep watching the front lobby of the school for design changes! Final designs will be on display November 30th.

Until next time Thinkers!

-Mrs. Ford

PS: If you don't have a child in 4th grade and are wondering when your kids will get to do something this cool, don't worry! The A World in Motion Engineering program will start in January for all grade K-5, 3rd grade will participate with Anacostia Watershed Society (AWS) this year in the Rice Rangers program, 2nd grade has a special Think Tank Club on Wednesdays at recess and 5th grade completed a pollinator program with AWS. Needless to say, all students are experiences the sciences this year in new and exciting ways!