Sunday, October 6, 2013


If I could jump post back-surgery.... I would be!!!!
I always update on what is happening IN the classroom. However, I wanted to take a moment to share a few exciting opportunities I'm part of, and add a little context to a few of the days I may be out of the classroom in the coming months. ( Don't worry, it's only one or two days... but the chances are priceless!)

I'm now a Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) Curator for the NSTA!
Two years ago, I worked with the American Federation of Teachers to help review the Next Generation Science Standards-- standards that I believe will change the face of science education nationwide. In addition to working with OSSE on potential plans for implementation of these, I found out Friday that I was chosen as one of 50 educators nationwide to serve as a Curator for the NGSS for the National Science Teacher Association! There were over 650 applicants too! In November I'm being flown to North Carolina to attend the NSTA National Conference and work with my cohort. My role will be compiling resources for educators across the country. Specifically, I've been chosen for the K-2nd grade cohort and will be working on the "Waves: Light and Sound" units. Because I get to take part in all of this, I will truly be able to bring the very best back to Maury and to DCPS. I am BEYOND honored and thrilled.

I'm chairing a Teacher Advisory Group for the National Center on Teacher Quality!
Last month,  I was selected to Chair  10-educator panel of teachers for the National Center on Teacher Quality (! From their website: Teacher Advisors contribute crucial perspectives to the work that NCTQ does, helping to bridge the gap between policy and practice.  I recently had a conference call with these educators and was blown away by the breadth of experience they each have. I cannot wait to learn from and work with this group. Again, I hope to bring as much learning as I can back to Maury students and DCPS as a whole. Can you find me on the page?? :)

Engineering is Elementary is HERE!
I've attended ( and will attend two more) Boston Museum of Science "Engineering is Elementary" trainings!  This year's 4th graders will be completing an INCREDIBLE unit where they will truly become Green Engineers, creating solar ovens that can cook S'Mores AND have low environmental impact. 3rd Graders will become Environmental Engineers learning about what it takes to clean up an oil spill. ( Yup, that's right. THIRD GRADERS! ) Later in the year, 1st graders will become Civil Engineers, building strong, stable bridges. These engineering units, in addition to our already wonderful Society for Automobile Engineering "A World in Motion Units" are truly putting Maury at the cutting edge of engineering education in elementary schools. GO US!


I bet some of you are thinking, "How can she plan and teach our kids effectively if she is involved in all of these extracurricular things?". My answer is not to worry:). I promise that not only will you see the same, energetic Mrs. Ford you always do, but I'll be gaining more content knowledge, have even bigger networks of resources for your children, and will be freshly inspired to bring the best there is to the students in DC.


PS: Are YOU inspired now? Do you have time during the day? Come on in and volunteer! Just email me at

Until next time!
-Mrs. Ford

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