Thursday, October 17, 2013


For 5 weeks our awesome 4th graders have used Lego products to explore the properties of levers, specifically the relationships between fulcrum, load and effort.

Then, this week came the big testing day. We had to determine which catapult would send "Lego Mrs. Ford" the farthest. We discussed and created a fair test for these and set it up. Which do you think would throw me the farthest??


          (PS: Look closely at the placement of the FULCRUM in relation to the LOAD!)

Testing was particularly fun and we were lucky to have an awesome parent volunteer, Jessica Robin, who happens to be a National Science Foundation scientist!  How perfect for our first "fair test" of the year!

Our visiting scientist, Jessica Robin.

Visiting scientist Jessica Robin noted the importance of having multiple people take measurements.

Setting up the launch pad.

Take a look at a few of our trials. We will be analyzing these as a class next week to see if we can find ways that we could have made our methods better, and possibly get more consistent results. But mainly, it's always fun as a teacher to see kids so engaged in fun learning:).
                                                                       (Duckett's Class)

                          (George's Class--- and I need to learn to whisper while holding a phone!)

So.... Let's just say we will be taking some time to look at this data next week. Some data-loves may cringe when looking at the numbers below. However, I see this as the PERFECT opportunity to truly evaluate our design and see what could have caused us to have such varying results. I videoed each trial so we will watch our videos for clues. (I have a few ideas but it will be fun to watch our budding scientists figure it out!) Stay tuned for their thoughts!

Ms. Duckett's class data shows something in our methods caused these results. It will give us more to talk about!  

Until next time!
Mrs. Ford

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