Monday, October 10, 2011


Our beautiful Monarchs have started emerge. It has been spectacular to watch the entire process and the fact that the students are witnessing each step live makes it truly special.
5th graders watching as their Monarch is minutes away from emerging.
5th graders watching as their Monarch is minutes away from emerging.
The 4th grade chrysalis in the forefront, the almost emerged 5th grade in the back.

So far, 9 Monarchs have emerged, and we expect the rest by Wednesday of this week. Until then, they reside in our main lobby in a beautiful butterfly tent where they can dine on the nectar of sweet flowers and prepare to fly to Mexico.

                                     Ms. Scott's class waves bye as their Monarch joins its "friends" in the lobby tent.
We will be having a big sendoff on Thursday. Please stay tuned for the time and location. In the meantime, please take a moment to watch these clips about the Monarch migration with your child. Students ( and to be honest, some teachers!) are getting a bit sad as their class "pet" is getting ready to fly south.

Thanks to Maury grandparent, Francis Royce for these pictures of what the migration looks like on the other end. When she visited Monterey Mexico, one of the mountain regions where the Monarchs winter, she took these pictures. They are AMAZING!

What an amazing experience this has been!!!!


Until next time....

-Mrs. Ford aka "The Butterfly Lady"

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