Sunday, October 2, 2011

Maury Think Tank is Famous!

Thank you to Maury parent  Robert S. Pohl for writing the great review of Maury's Think Tank program in this month's Hill Rag (page 126). As of tonight, it isn't available online, but will be soon!Your children are truly participating in something innovative and exciting. If you have not done so already, please stop by the Learning Lab or take a moment to check out our Inquiry on Display on the 1st floor. There are a few places for you to interact with our work. Please do so!

Here is a glimpse of last week's Inquiry before you read on to find out what is coming next!

5th Grade students create and use their Interactive Notebooks, a way that they will create portfolios throughout the remainder of the year.

Ms. Overby, School Counselor, works with 2nd grader from Ms. Mallaney's class to determine where his fingerprint best fit.
 PreSchool and PreKindergarten students put their creative minds to work by making "It's Not a Fingerprint!" books. Stop by their class to read them!

Ms. George's 3rd Grade made a bar graph showing the number of people in each of four fingerprint categories. They then used their picture smarts and number smarts to complete mini-posters like the one below. 

 Second Graders complete their "It's Not a Fingerprint!" individual books and investigate, then graph their fingerprints.

So what's next you ask ?? 

Stay tuned for information about the next challenges tomorrow!

Until next time...

Mrs. Ford

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