Wednesday, October 10, 2012


2012 Maury Monarch Habitat!
Maury is in full Monarch Madness Mode! With new monarchs emerging daily, the excitement in the building in palpable. Some monarchs are in the front tent, some  are in their classroom "homes" and a few sneaky ones have made their escape and found windowsills and ledges! Can you find where Ms. Bomba's chrysalis is hanging?

Hint: Do you see a little dot hanging between the clothespins?
We also still have many who have yet to emerge as students ( and teachers!) anxiously watch their class Chrysalises.

It has been quite the journey for Maury Monarchs. Take a look....

                        The Story of our Maury Monarchs

It was almost exactly one month ago that our monarch larvae arrived. They were so small! ( For a video of students marveling at their size, see this post!)

Where are they? Three of them are there!

Do you see the trail left behind by our very hungry caterpillar on the swamp milkweed?

Soon they were much bigger! 

Ms. Sweeney's class pets.
They ate and ate and ate.... and ate! Soon they formed beautiful chrysalises. Can you believe that a few classes actually got to watch that happen? 

One week old chrysalis. Can you see the wing inside?
 Students, staff and families anxiously watched their pupas, waiting to see their monarchs emerge. We thought most would emerge over the long Columbus Day weekend, but luckily, few did! When we arrived back on Tuesday, October 9th, most were a dark, black, signifying that our monarchs would soon be "born".
Students and teachers alike were mesmerized by the final stage of the monarch in its chrysalis. In the hours before it emerges, you can see the entire wing through the transparent chrysalis. Beautiful!

In a moment that many classes have witnessed, the monarch butterfly emerged, leaving its chrysalis behind...

And spreading its wings for the very first time.

While some classes are still waiting for this magical moment, many others are are getting ready to say goodbye and send their beloved monarchs on their long migration to Mexico.

Good luck Maury Monarchs! We love you!

3rd Grade Send-Off ( photo: Elizabeth Nelson)


  1. Wow! Amazing. So lucky to be a student involved in this. SO lucky to have Ms. Ford as our very own Monarch-whisperer :)

  2. Ollie talked a lot today about getting to watch his butterfly emerge from the chrysalis. And Annie has been singing "I'm a little egg, resting on a leaf, what will I be my darling?" for weeks now!


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