Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We are " A World in Motion" at Maury!

 Last year we received a large grant from the GM Foundation for the Society of Automobile Engineer's "A World in Motion" curriculum and the time has come for student to become true engineers!

This program allows participate in the "Engineer Design Experience". The "Engineering Design Experience" for Primary students consists of: Set Goals, Build Knowledge, Design, Build and Test and Present.

 Each grade level from K -5 will participate in these engineering units during Think Tank class. The premise of each unit is that a (fictional) organization called EarthToy Designs Inc. has asked kids to test out toy prototypes and improve their performance. Students work in engineer teams or as a class to complete the challenges. For grades K-3, the challenges are also based on a literary text that is engaging and downright FUN!

(For those of you with PS or PK students, you may here them talking about "rolling things" and "crash and bash" as well! This is because I've adapted the the K/1 unit called "Rolling Things" to allow for Maury's youngest students to play with and explore concepts of motion. Stay tuned to the hallway display on the 1st floor for student work over the next two months as we delve into engineering!)

Students will be practicing quite a few Habits of Mind during this unit and using ALL 8 of their Intelligences! Specifically, students will focus on the following Habits of Mind: Persisting, Questioning and Posing Questions,Thinking Interdependently and Creating,Imagining and Innovating

For now, take a look at the great units that we are starting! Science concepts are highlighted in purple.
                                     K and 1: Rolling Things!
The Three Little Pigs' Sledding Adventure
In the Rolling Things Challenge, students explore how changing the ramp height and vehicle weight affect the momentum of toy cars.  Concepts covered in this unit include gravity, potential and kinetic energy, friction, momentum, mass, velocity and acceleration.
Once Upon a Time in the Woods
In the Engineering Inspired By Nature challenge, students investigate seeds that are dispersed by the wind. They apply what they have learned to make paper helicopters and parachutes. They test different variables (lengths, width, weight, etc.) to see how these factors affect performance. Concepts covered in this unit include gravity, drag, friction, velocity and acceleration.
                                                  3rd: STRAW ROCKETS
                                                                  Straw Rocket

In the Straw Rockets challenge, students explore the early life of Dr. Robert Goddard while reading the biography, The Rocket Age Takes Off. After investigating Goddard's early trial, students build, test and modify rockets made from drinking straws. They test the rockets to see how far they can fly. Concepts covered in this unit include Newton's Laws of Motion, Gravity, thrust, lift and drag.
                                                             4th: SMIMMER

Students construct paper sailboats and test the effect of different sail shapes, sizes, and construction methods to meet specific performance criteria. Friction, forces, the effect of surface area and design are some of the physical phenomena students encounter in this challenge.

                                                             5th: JET TOY
Students make balloon-powered toy cars that meet specific performance criteria like; travels far, carries weight, or goes fast. Jet propulsion, friction, air resistance and design are the core scientific concepts students explore in this challenge.

                                PLEASE JOIN US!            
                               COME LEARN, PLAY AND THINK WITH YOUR CHILD!
WHEN: January 24, 2012 from 6:00-7:30pm                      
WHERE: Maury Elementary Multi-Purpose Room and grounds ( 1250 Constitution Ave. NE)
WHAT: This year you will find some of last year’s favorite stations, as well as new ones! You will be able to
·       Construct ramps, balance objects, fold origami and identify your own Multiple Intelligences!
·       Play with light, lasers and sound and observe the night sky with real telescopes!
·       Play lots of games from the Think Tank Lending Library and Labyrinth Puzzles and Games!
·       Try out CrossFit and learn about the science behind health and fitness!
·       Meet “ Wendy the Waterdrop ”, mascot of DC Water!
·       Win fun prizes just for participating!
Visit with experts from the National Science Foundation, DC Department of the Environment, Living Classrooms, Anacostia Watershed Society, Casey Trees, DC Beekeeper Association, DC WASA, National Capital Astronomers, District CrossFit. Engineering is Elementary and more!

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