Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome Back Thinkers!!!!

Welcome back!  If you are new to Maury... WELCOME "home"! We have some wonderful programs here. (I'd like to believe that Think Tank offers some of the coolest although I know our teachers do amazing things each day!)

As the school year progresses, this blog will be the place where you can find pictures of our activities, extension activities for at home learning and information about amazing Think Tank and Science initiatives.

Before my next post, please enjoy browsing through last year's entries!

* Take some time to look at the "Think Tank at Home" section!----->----------->---------->

* Learn about Multiple Intelligences, Habits of Mind and Think Tank HERE!

You will soon see that Think Tank is driven by two theories: Habits of Mind and Multiple Intelligences-- two theories that drive my program. This year I will be explicitly teaching the Habits to students and have actually been working directly with the original authors of the theory! Who knew that sending an email to people that famous would get little ole me a conference call and connections! YAY!

Here's to an amazing year!

-Mrs. Ford

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