Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stomp...stomp...clickity clack...pitter patter...

Are those the sounds of animals walking and making footprints??

This week we have tromped our way through our Animal Tracks Inquiry. What a perfect week for track hunting! The rain has provided plenty of muddy spots for  DC's "other" residents to leave their mark. If you have a student in Ms. Scott, Ms. Mallaney, Ms. Hanni, Ms. Vick or Ms.Battle's classes, they will be able to guide you as to what some of these tracks could be!  If they say they see lion tracks, perhaps guide them to think about the possibility the track could be made by a household cat :) All other classes
(including Pre-School and Pre-K!!!) will continue our exploration next week!

In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures from this week's Think Tank explorations. You can also view pictures and comments from our own young scholars  on the first floor outside the Learning Lab.

                                                  ANIMAL TRACKS WEEK 1:

"Hmmm.... where should I put my set of tracks? To which category do they belong?"

"Can you see the dog pawprint? It's harder to see in the sand!"

"What things did you like or learn today?"

" Hold up your tracks!"

Notice the Smart Friends?? They told students which smarts would be used!

"Put on your observation goggles!"

" I see that all of the animals here have the same shape footprints!"

" Can you see the prints?"

 " Can you see the tracks?" ( Notice the Smartag!)

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